Chemicals And Pollution Exposure Can Harm Your Brain

We are often exposed to various poisons every day. They are in the water, food, soil, and the air we breathe. Some poisons are chemicals in care products such as cosmetics and home cleaners amazon. Over time, these poisons and metabolites can accumulate and have damaging effects on the body -, especially brain function. If you know that maintaining the health of your brain and its function is important, you will have the reasons to choose nitric oxide supplements.

How can toxins affect brain health? The blood-brain barrier tries to protect the central nervous system from exposure to inflammatory compounds and disrupts the homeostatic mechanism that maintains the balance of neurotransmitters and synaptic functions. There are many changes that occur in the natural environment of the brain when poisons enter the human nervous system, such as:

– Disruption of blood flow that causes inefficient oxygen and nutrients
– Decreased dopamine production and function
– Hypometabolism occurs in the brain region, especially in the temporal lobe
– Change in glutamate / GABA ratio
– Decreased levels and functions of serotonin

The blood-brain barrier, which is usually very tight and selective, begins to weaken under the pressure of inflammatory compounds. When it continues to be exposed to toxins and contaminants continuously. It also becomes a little “leaky” so that it allows poison molecules to enter into compartments that wrap around the brain. Loosening of the blood-brain barrier also occurs due to cell damage by free radicals.

Luckily, we have a natural detox mechanism that can prevent the accumulation of toxins and their metabolites in the body and brain. We can easily detoxify only with lifestyle choices, no special programs needed.

The first step depends on the macronutrients and micronutrients we consume. That is why the intake of vegetables and fruit should never stop. Both of these foods are very good for cleaning toxins in the body.

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