Cleaning The Bathroom Tile

You can find many Tile Cleaning North Shore service providers. Finding the best service provider is a must. Unfortunately, some people still make mistakes. Keeping the bathroom floor clean is one of the homework that cannot be missed for the sake of good quality sanitation at home. Dirty bathroom floors can not only cause disease for the occupants of the house and cause unpleasant odors, but it also threatens the safety of bathroom users. You must clean the bathroom floor if the surface shows at least one of the following signs

– Slippery because of the layer of moss so that the risk of causing people to slip.
– Change color to blackish due to fungus so that the roots gradually damage the floor.
– The layered lime crust which is a comfortable nest for bacteria.
– Cockroaches are preferred because they contain many food sources.
– Dusty so it invites fleas.

Wet bathroom tile floors have more hygiene problems, ranging from moss, mold, lime crust, to the possibility of worms being present because others are often exposed to water. Watering the floor only with water will not solve the problem, you need to rub it using the most effective bathroom floor cleaning product to kill germs and scrape off the lime crust. You can do the following when cleaning bathroom tiles.

1. Wet the floor and leave it until the water recedes.
2. Take safety measures: open the bathroom door to facilitate air circulation, wear rubber gloves to prevent contact between the skin and cleaning fluid, wear a nose/mouth mask, and wear anti-slip rubber sandals.
3. Use enough cleaning liquid randomly on the floor to kill bacteria and root moss/fungus. Flatten this bathroom floor cleaning liquid with a bathroom brush, then leave it for about 10 minutes.
3. Rub all corners of the floor, especially the gap between ceramic tiles, use a bathroom brush, then rinse with clean water.

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