Differences Between Condos and Apartments You Need to Know

Everyone certainly has their own choice in setting the right place to live for themselves. Some of them did choose private homes or apartments, but others chose condos for their homes. One of the condos that you can choose is treasure at tampines.

Many people have chosen treasure at tampines because the place can provide maximum comfort. Make sure you choose treasure at tampines also to be able to get comfort for your place of residence.

In choosing a condo, also make sure that you consider the location of the condo. By choosing treasure at tampines or also known as treasure tampines showflat, you don’t need to worry about the location anymore because the location of this condo is very strategic.

But actually, what is the difference between condominiums and apartments? Here are some explanations.

– Explanation of condominiums and apartments
The apartment is a vertical residence that is rented by the owner to another person. The occupant has the right to stay but does not have the right to rent or even sell it to others without the knowledge of the owner.
Meanwhile, condominiums are apartments whose functions are to be sold and owned by each occupant. The owner has the right to inhabit, rent, and sell it to others.

– Differences in the shape of the building
Although both are vertical occupancy, the shape of the buildings both has differences. The shape of a condo building is usually equipped with only two or three towers. While apartment buildings are in parallel with other towers. The facilities are also different. Usually, condos provide luxurious facilities, such as a large swimming pool, fitness center or gym, spa, sauna, and others. While the apartment has limited facilities.

– Management system
Condos are usually equipped with furniture complete with professional interior design. This is certainly very efficient, so you don’t have to bother about buying furniture.
In contrast to apartments which are usually only empty rooms. If you want to add furniture, residents also usually have to negotiate with the owner, what furniture to put in and use.

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