Information Systems Are Necessary For Hospitals

The hospital information system is a systematic management of information throughout all levels of the hospital in order to organize services to the community. The development of a computer-based Hospital Information System in some countries began at the end of the 80’s decade. Meanwhile, you can visit if you need the best IT company which can help you find the right information system and software for your company.

In an era like today, so many sectors of life are inseparable from the participation and use of computer technology, especially in the fields and scope of work. More and more days, the advancement of computer technology, both in the field of software and hardware is growing very rapidly, on the other hand, it is also developing towards a very easy application and low cost. Solutions for any field of work will have ways to be done through computer media, with a note that users must also continue to learn to accompany technological advancements. So that in the end, whatever solution the technology we use, is very much determined by the human resources that use it.

Hospital, as one of the institutions of public health care, will serve the patient’s transaction in their daily lives. Providing services and actions in many ways will affect the condition and comfort for patients. The faster the better because it involves the lives of patients.

The greater the services of a hospital, the more complex the types of actions and services that must be provided, all of which must remain in integrated coordination.

Seeing this situation, it is very appropriate if the hospital uses the advancement side of the computer, both software and hardware in its efforts to help manage management that was previously done manually.

In general, the current information system in several hospitals can be described as follows:

Each program has its own information system that has not been integrated. So that if needed comprehensive information takes a long time.

The limited hardware and software at various levels, even though the capability for that is felt adequate.

Limited ability and willingness of human resources to manage and develop information systems.

It still has not entrenched decision / data-based information.

The absence of a career development system for an information system manager.

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