This Is Embroidery Based On Its Method Of Production

When you make an embroidery, the first thing to understand is that there are several types of embroidery that are known in the world of embroidery. The types of embroidery certainly have their own functions and shapes so that their use in clothing also varies. Not only different functions, but embroidery is also distinguished based on the way it is made. One of the many types of embroidery is based on the method of production. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best embroidery companies near me, just try to look for the most trusted ones in your area.

Embroidery based on the manufacturing method is divided into two types. The first is hand embroidery or manual embroidery. Manual embroidery is widely known as handicraft and requires high skill to produce good work. Hand embroidery is pegged at a price that is more expensive than machine embroidery because the results are not possible with each other. But because of relying on human capabilities, the possibility of human error is greater than the engine.

The second embroidery is, of course, machine embroidery, whether it’s a sewing machine, embroidery machine or computer embroidery. Usually used for mass embroidery because it is faster in processing large quantities of embroidery. The result will certainly be cheaper and save time.

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