You Should Know This Tips To Use An Inverter AC

Actually, if you want to use any type of AC, set the temperature on the remote, you have to be able to reach the AC. But specifically for AC Inverters, this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING in the use of AC Inverters. Why? So this Inverter AC will reduce its electricity consumption when the room temperature is close enough to the remote temperature and will drop to a minimum wattage if the room temperature is the same as the remote temperature. This is the biggest mistake in using air conditioning. Let’s talk about temperature. The temperature indicated on the AC remote is NOT the room temperature indicator. Additionally, if your inverter AC is broken, we recommend you call the cheap aircon servicing in singapore.

If we set temperature 19 Celsius on the remote for example, now the AC will then work as hard as possible to reach a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. The question is whether the AC is able to make the room temperature really 19 degrees?

Then we want our room to be that temperature? Can you get the smoke out in the bedroom? Please answer.

Even if we want to answer, is the air conditioner capable? GA BAKALAN! except using AC capacity is far greater than needed. For example in the server room of one of our subscription companies, the size of the room is 3 x 4, they ask for room temperature to be at least 20 degrees for 24 hours per day. We installed 2 units of 2.5KK Inverter AC in the room, for alternating 13 hours and 12 hours per day. We also installed a digital thermometer in the room and set the temperature in the AC remote 19 degrees. The result after 1 week of monitoring using CCTV, the room temperature is always in the range of 19.2 degrees to 20.3 degrees Celsius. Never more than that even in the afternoon.

In a room of that size if calculated, actually using 3 / 4PK is enough. However, if we only use AC 3 / 4PK, the maximum room temperature during the day can only touch 25-26 degrees Celsius and if the night can be a maximum of 24 degrees.

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